Transplant Photo Gallery

Conditioning Period (Day minus 9 to minus 1)
The Conditioning or preparative period consists of  1 day of preventative antibiotics (day -9), 8 days of lethal doses of Chemo (Days -8 to -1) 

Transplant Day (Day 0)
The Transplat itself is given as an IV and takes place in the isolation Room 

Engraftment (Day 1 to Day 13) 
This is the critical time, where Alyssa has no immune system while the new cells are finding homes and begining to grow. Alyssa will also be susceptible to infection from normally harmless pathogens which live in our bodies.

 Recovery (Day 14 to Day 100) 
Alyssa's immune system will continue to be suppressed for a varying period of time and will remain closely monitored. The "100 Day mark", which is 100 days post-transplant, is generally considered a milestone - by this time patients are considered past the worst of the procedure and on the path to recovery. Full recovery is slow, with it taking up to 2 years for the patient to return to full heath.

Isolated at Sydney Childrens Hospital, Randwick (Day 14 to Day 48)

 Semi-Isolated at Ronald McDonald House Randwick (day 48 to Day 62)

Semi-Isolated at Home (day 63 to Day 100

Day 100 Celebrations