We can't believe that 2 weeks ago we were blogging from Ronald McDonald House, it really feels like alot longer than that! The last 2 weeks have  been quite eventless but eventful at the same time. We have attended friends houses, little friends birthday parties & even got to watch Maddie at dancing. Don't get us wrong we still had to fit in Doctor's appotinments,chemo & a blood transfusion but at least we were home and living a relativily normal life.
Clinic appointment on Wednesday brought us back to the reality of the whole situation and reminded us of the things we sort of forget about because to us Alyssa looks great. They reminded us that there is still a high chance of needing a bone marrow transplant and the odds of beating her type of leukemia is still only 50%, but we are always thinking positive and know we are in good hands with our medical team. Scott also had sign a form to fund the search of the bone marrow registry to see if there is a compatiable match.
So coming up on Wednesday is another clinic visit and a check of blood counts for chemo on Thursday. A week off all chemo then a bone marrow aspiration to check the MRD levels and then its D day again (the decision of transplant). At least we will know where we are headed.