Well, where to start. Its been an emotional 2 weeks since our last blog, and its got nothing to do with how our little fighter is doing. She is fantastic, she is coming off 4 days of chemo and you could not even tell. This time she is still eating which is great, crusing around all the furniture & just smiling most of the time (exept for the times when she squeals, which we both hate).

Earlier this week Amanda had a little meltdown, just fed up with not being home and the uncertantity of it all, but after a great few days at Ronald McDonald house we all feel a little refreshed and are really looking forward to getting home even if it is only for 3 days. Madeleine has really liked the house and we can't beleive that she would rather stay here then go home.

As I said before Alyssa is great, she has a new central line in which is not really bleeding back but beats having all of the cannula's in. Another block of chemo is finishing this afternoon - 3 days off then back on Thursday.

We have to make special mention to our two doctors that have moved on to their new rotation. Jo & Katherine helped us settle in to this terrbible situation and answered our million questions. We will and already do miss you.

A special thanks also needs to be said to all of the people who have cooked meals, called with messages of support & to the people who have started fundraising for us. We feel truly humbled by it all and can't believe that there are so many kind and thoughtful people around us helping us through.

We are really looking forward to getting in the car and travelling down the M5 to home.