It’s been a while since our last blog, so here’s a quick update.

Alyssa’s medical team has advised us that she will have to undergo a bone marrow transplant, we are not sure when yet, possibly after round 3 or 4 of the high dose chemo. She is currently going through round 3 of the high dose chemo.

Round 1 of the high dose chemo meant that most of Christmas was spent in Hospital, after she was admitted to Campbelltown Hospital on Christmas morning with High temperatures. While she was at Campbelltown Hospital she received 2 x Platelet transfusions and a blood transfusion before being transferred to the Sydney Childrens Hospital in Randwick on 2 January, due to a blocked Central Line.

The next 3 weeks were spent at SCH Randwick where she received 3 x platelet transfusions, 2 x blood transfusions and after getting some major swelling in the leg had to have a bone scan, x-ray and ultrasound to determine the cause.

 Finally all was clear and we were allowed home again on 15 January

So in round 2 of the high dose chemo, Alyssa was again admitted to Campbelltown Hospital with high temperatures on, 4 February, and received another blood and platelet transfusion before being transferred to SCH 8 February, where she received another blood and platelet transfusion, Ultrasound and X-ray for swelling of the leg again and due to respiratory difficulties was given chest x-rays, put on oxygen and Ventolin.  

We finally got back home on 26 February, and Alyssa is now going through Round 3 of the High Dose Chemo, Lets hope the temperatures stay down and avaid another long stay in Hospital this round.


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