After a restless night, Amanda noticed that there was some swelling around Alyssa's neck yesterday. An X-ray then confirmed that her Central line (the tubes that blood is taken/given and her Chemo/meds are fed into) had become dislodged from the artery and that surgery would be required to have the Central line removed.
As there was some redness around the site where the central line goes into the chest they did not want to risk putting in a new one until it clears up. So after around 12 hours with nothing to eat,  incase a spot came up in surgery, we were finally advised that they could not do the surgergy until the following day.
So instead, Alyssa went into surgery today to have the Central line removed and had a drip put into each hand so that the Chemo and meds cand still be given until she goes into surgery again to put in a new Central line. Surgery went well.